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Corner Bowl Log Manager

Corner Bowl Log Manager Network-Wide Log Management, Monitoring, Consolidation and Reporting Log Manager is a network-wide Event Log, syslog and application log management tool that enables Systems Administrators to automate log monitoring, consolidation and archiving requirements set forth by management and regulatory agencies. Consolidate and archive logs to SQL Server, MySQL, a log appliance or a network location. Monitor logs in real-time or schedule reports. For example, receive immediate notification when any user or computer attempts

Log Analyzer Expert 6.0: Client-side log analyzer for Apache and IIS
Log Analyzer Expert 6.0

Log Analyzer Expert handles routine tasks associated with downloading and analyzing Web site logs. Built-in scheduler makes it possible to set the log analyzer to download the logs periodically, automatically retrieving the logs from a Web server via HTTP and FTP protocols. Recognizing raw, ZIP and GZ compressed Web logs, the log analyzer can process logs in Apache and IIS formats. Using all available processors and CPU cores makes Log Analyzer Expert

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Log Viewer Plus 1.0.0: Quickly parse and analyse your log files with the professional log viewer.
Log Viewer Plus 1.0.0

log viewer? Viewing log files through a text editor takes a lot of time and patience. It`s hard work. As a result, we probably don`t spend as much time analysing our log files as we should. That`s a shame because you can learn a lot about how your application behaves at runtime by using a log file viewer and tracking your logs. Log Viewer Plus is a professional log file viewer that is: - Fast and easy to use - Built specifically for viewing application

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EasyLogin 2.0: Log into your favorite websites using a single click of the mouse.
EasyLogin 2.0

The EasyLogin toolbar button for Internet Explorer allows you to log into websites using a single mouse click. To Use EasyLogin go to the webpage where you would like to log in and type your username and password. Do not click the login button, instead click the EasyLogin toolbar button and you will be asked where you will be asked to save your Login Link to your browser`s favorites. To log in simply click the link that EasyLogin created for you.

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Active LogView 2.09.1

log files, statistics is still available! Active LogView is a full-featured server-side log analysis program. It has been designed to make it powerful and fast but still as easy as possible to use for both the novice and experienced user alike. Active LogView is the fastest and the most powerful traffic analyzer as it does not require importing the log file to a database - the analysis is performed on the log file itself and not on a database. Importantly

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Text Log Monitor Monitor, alert, archive, view, and filter large text log files
Text Log Monitor

logs. Supports both delimited and non-delimited text log files. Delimited files follow a specific format enabling programmatic parsing over multiple lines, for example, syslog files. Delimited files are read line by line until the next entry delimiter is reached. Once reached, all lines are concatenated together to form an entry. Non-delimited files do not follow any specific format making programmatic parsing impossible. Non-delimited log files

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LogQuest VF Standard Edition 5.0: A Log analysis tool for all types of logs that searches information in any log
LogQuest VF Standard Edition 5.0

LogQuest VF to find risks, and analyze relevant vital security information. The LogQuest VF software application provides a security organization with real time, complete and valid analyzed security informations. Please visit our website: * LogQuest VF installed on user`s PC * LogQuest VF Server Program can let user manage log on legacy remote log server * User can make report without any limitation with user defined conditions *

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